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Your new piercing NEEDS YOU to help it
stay happy, healthy and healing!


Whether you've just gotten your belly button pierced or your

ear, every piercing you get needs to be properly cared for.


While there is no "one way" to care for your piercing, our

piercer James has a recommended routine and product

suggestions that will help your piercing to heal properly.


If you have any questions about piercing aftercare or our

piercing processes, stop by our shop at:

115 E. Broad St, Suite 100, Quakertown, Pa 18951

Piercing cleaning solutions

  • Mild, un-scented soaps

  • Packaged saline solutions without additives

  • Chamomile tea and sea salt soaks

  • Packages, alcohol-free antiseptic mouthwash


How to clean your piercing

  • Thoroughly wash hands before touching your piercing

  • Wash your piercing with soap just once daily (unless it has gotten dirty)

  • Soak your piercing for 5 to 10 minutes daily

  • Carefully pat your piercing dry

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